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Nglanggeran Tourism Complex (Culture & Tourism Sector)**

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Location: Gunungkidul Regency


  • It is an integrated tourism area consisting of ancient volcano, pond and fruit garden.
  • In the area of an ancient volcano there are several unique springs such as Talang Purba and Kedung Kandang waterfall and Comberan Spring Water which is believed to be the fountain of youth.
  • In addition, there is the potential of termas, amedicinal plant of which sap is used for healing various diseases.
  • The area of ancient volcano is also potential for history-based tourism because there are historical artifacts.
  • 0.34 ha of pond area has a beautiful panorama.
  • 20 hectares of fruit garden is an integrated garden for several types of fruit trees like durian and longan potential as an agro-tourism area.
  • The location is just 25 km from the downtown of Yogyakarta City .
  • Masterplan and DED are available.
  • The number of tourists visiting this destination continues to increase from year to year in 2014, i.e.
  • 321000 domestic and foreign tourists.
  • There are 80 home stay facilities spreading across
  • three hamlets with international standard.


Investment Potential

  • Construction of tourism-supporting infrastructure such as: road to tourist attractions, transportation, parking area, and water providers, and health facilities.
  • Construction of tourism-supporting facilities such as : modern view post, cable car facilities, restaurants, supporting entertainmen /attractions, tour guides and tour packages agency.

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