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Beaches In Bantul Regency (Culture & Tourism Sector)**

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Beaches in Bantul Regency


  • There are 6 main beaches which have become tourist destinations: Parangtritis Beach, Parangkusumo Beach, Samas Beach, Depok Beach, Gua Cemara Beach and Kwaru Beach.
  • Potential for various alternative tourism such as festivals, paramotor, aeromodelling, ATV, dirt bike and so on.
  • Potential for cultural tourist destination because the beach is often used for traditional ceremonies.
  • Gua Cemara Beach has turtle conservation, and Parangtritis Beach has Geomarine Science Park potential for edu-tourism.
  • There is a sand dune located around Parangtritis Beaches which is interesting for location shooting film or video clips, sand boarding.


Investment Potential

  • Development of the area for organizing various festivals
  • Development of exclusive hotels/resorts, restaurant and culinary business, rest area, tour package and travel agency, ATV rental, sandboarding rental.
  • Development of aerospace tourism infrastructure such as: Aerosport equipment rental, aeromodel sale.
  • Development of Science Park.

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