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Geopark/Karst Tourism Of Gunungsewu (Culture & Tourism Sector)**

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Location: Gunungkidul Regency


  • There are karst areas in 11 subdistricts covering an area of approximately 13,000km².
  • There are 770 caves, 285 lakes and ponds.
  • 14 caves can be used for caving tours, cave tubbing and river tubbing. There are also 13Geosites and 3 Geo Heritages.
  • It is famous for its unique forms of the exotic surface of karst cave. Some caves have undergroundriver.
  • It is launched as a national karst ecoregion by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on 6December 2004.
  • Some of caves have been used as a location for filming movies and commercials.


Investment Potential

  • Investment in the development of special interest tourism such as caving, rock climbing,trekking, fishing, out bond, camping, edu-tourism.
  • Developments outside the main area of Geopark: resort/hotel, accommodation, culinary,restaurant, and homestay.

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