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Edu-Tourism Development Are Of Mount Merapi Museum (Education Sector)**

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Location: Sleman Regency

Project Description:

  • It is a natural-based and educational tourism area with view of Mount Merapi in the background.
  • There are information and knowledge about Mount Merapi.
  • It is located at Hargobinangun village, Pakem, Sleman.
  • It covers 14 hectares.
  • It will be developed using the concept of edutourism which integrate educational, interactive, attractive and innovative elements into the concept of technopark.


Investment Potential

  • Building some infrastructure facilities such as bridge and road to Merapi museum.
  • Building the entrance gate to Merapi museum from Jl. Kaliurang.
  • Building the mini botanical garden to acknowledge more varities of plant.
  • Building the preservation for reptile and endemic animal.
  • Building camping ground and natural disaster prevention centre.

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