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Piyungan Industrial Estate (Infrastructure Sector)**

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Piyungan Industrial Estate is designed as an eco-manufacturing complex, an integrated industrial and tourism by international standard in Jogja which is community-based, environmentally friendly, and has cultural elements and is supported with integrated technology system.

Project Description

  • Location : Srimulyo and Sitimulyo Village, Piyungan Subdistrict, Bantul
  • Total area : 335 hectares
  • Target : environmentally-friendly integrated industrial and tourism area
  • Coverage : Consisting of five sub-areas


  • Crossed by the ring road of Jogja.
  • 3 existing sub area have already had masterplan.
  • Total Plot of grade ‘A’ industry (1 Ha) is 30 Plots, grade B Industry (0.5 ha) 11 Plots and public facilities 3 Ha.
  • Potential for the development of labor-intensive and creative-based industry in the industrial areas such as: industrial handicrafts, furniture, garments, toys, packaging and creative economy industry.
  • Potential for development of tourism industry with traditional and modern nuances and ecotourism.

       First Development:



1. Construction Of Road Access

Currently, there is no road access which is wide enough to reach the industrial area location. The construction of adequate road access is required, namely:

  • Primary Road for big containers and other transports.
  • Secondary road for buses, cars, motorcycles outside the plant.

2. Construction Of Water Catchment

  • The making of artificial reservoirs as stormwater management, to transfer of water absorption which has been partially lost due to pavement and buildings.
  • It also serves as a means of waste treatment so that it can be re-used to irrigate fields and rivers in the neighborhood.

3. Construction Of Water Treatment

  • Building roads and sidewalks which can become reservoirs of rainwater by installing permeable pavement and provide land for plants to absorb pollutants.
  • Water flowing system is built under roads and sidewalks to go to artificial reservoirs to be reprocessed.
  • Water container is not only on land, but also at the top of the building so it can be used to water green rooftop.

4. Needs Of Other Public/ Supporting Facilities

  • Management office
  • Place of worship
  • Post office
  • Sports facilities
  • Dormitory
  • Banking
  • Business Center
  • Residence
  • Education and training
  • Health
  • Firefighters
  • Garbage dump

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