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Sentolo Industrial Estate (Infrastructure Sector)**

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Project Description

  • Location : Tuksono Village, Sentolo Subdistrict
  • Total Area : 70.2 hectares
  • Target : Development of Various Low Polluting Industries



  • It is strategically located and close to the International Airport, and the Fishing Port of Tanjung Adikarto.
  • Infrastructure supporting this area includes Jogja Inland Port, Jogja Outer Ring Road (JOR), Southern Cross Road (JJLS).
  • Potential for investment of large and small scale industries.


Investment potential

  1. Textile industry, such as : yarn, fabric and apparel.
  2. Electrical equipmentIndustry, such as computers, fans, refrigerators, sewing machines, television and radio.
  3. Chemical industry, such as: soap, toothpaste, shampoo, ink, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and pipes.
  4. Food industry, such as: cooking oil, flour, sugar, tea, coffee, salt and food packaging.
  5. Building materials and general industry, such as: sawnwood, plywood, and marble.

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