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International Airport (Infrastructure Sector)**

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Location: Kulon Progo Regency

Designed to be able to serve 30 million passengers every year, this airport is a project with a huge potential to open access to international traffic for Jogja in the future. The areas surrounding the airport are projected to be a prospective aero city.

Investment opportunities to build a variety of supporting infrastructure around the airport area are wide open, such as: warehousing area, electricity and water supply, integrated transport system or other transportation modes, hotel, restaurant and various other supporting.


International Airport Passenger Prediction And Employment

Project Description

  • Located in 30 km west of the capital city of Jogja.
  • Total area of the airport is 637 hectares.
  • The runway is 3,600 meters, long enough for large international aircrafts.
  • The construction of the airport is supported with the access to the station in Kedundang which is directly connected with Southern Cross Road and Adi Sutjipto Airport.





  • Construction of runway, taxiway, and apron
  • Air Navigation Devices (runway light, ILS, NDB, etc.)
  • Boarding bridge and firefighting equipment
  • Ground handling equipment
  • Meteorology and geophysics equipment
  • Network equipment and aircraft fueling
  • Roads and perimeter fence
  • Construction of operational buildings (tower building, operation building)


  • Development of departure and arrival terminal
  • Terminal facilities such as (x-ray, escalator, travellator, check-in counter, interior etc.)
  • Construction of parking building and parking-system
  • Gardening and landscape
  • Construction of the administration building
  • Construction of roads and perimeter fence


  • Electricity network and generator
  • Electronics and telecommunications network
  • Clean water and drinking water Network
  • Processing of solid waste and liquid waste treatment

Services Industry

  • Warehousing/ cargo service
  • Aircraft maintenance service
  • Aircraft ground handling service
  • Aircraft parking and vehicles service
  • Aircraft refueling service
  • Aircraft waste and garbage treatment services
  • And other airport services

Education And Training

  • Pilot and simulator training
  • Steward / stewardess training
  • Aerodrome training
  • Air Traffic Control (ATC) system training
  • Meteorological training
  • Provision of training and ground school facilities (such as simulator, ATCsystem, etc.)
  • Flight school (Air Traffic Control (ATC) System, Aerodrome, Meteorology,etc.)
  • Security, safety, and service
  • Provision of ground school facilities (simulator, ATC system, etc.)

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