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Limestone Mineral (Energy Sector)**

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Location: Kulon Progo Regency


  • It is located at Gegunung Hamlet, Sendangsari Village, Pengasih Subdistrict.
  • The availability of limestone is 26,800,921 m3 and production per year is 1,977.04 m3.
  • Land status is village treasury of Sendangsari Village and community property rights.
  • Considering the increased level of development, demand for limestone as a building material will increase.


Investment Potential

Gegunung Hamlet, Sendangsari Village, Pengasih Subdistrict has limestone materials of 108,438, 345 m³ with a fairly high CaO content between 48.5 to 56.96%. Mining can be done mechanically with an annual production of 84,000 tons.

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