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Etawah Crossbreed Goat Farm (Food & Agricultural Product Processing Sector)**

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Location: Kulon Progo Regency

  • Livestock Population : 8,424 maleand 20,475 female (2012)
  • Advantages :

-          High demand for etawah crossbreed goat breeding fromoutside Jogja.

-          Goat milk is potential or beneficial to health. Currently the stockof goat milk is still limited so that it is still promising in the future.

  • Market opportunity :

-          Local : Jogja

-          National : Jakarta, Bandung, Malang, Lampung etc.

-          International : Malaysia


Investment Potential

Maximizing the potential of goat breeding and processing of goat products in Kulon Progo (fattening,breeding, milk) with an estimated project cost of : Rp 15,000,000,000.00 (Fifteen billionrupiah).

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