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Salak Pondoh Processing Industry (Food & Agricultural Product Processing Sector)**

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Location: Sleman Regency


  • The opportunities of exporting salak has been a trend since the registration of some groupusing SOP/GAP in order to get PRIMA/ORGANIC certification.
  • The total production of salak is 703,766 quintal in weigh. These salaks come from the farmersthat join the association of salak farmers Sleman Prima Sembada. Grade A salak hasaround 12-14 salaks a kilo.
  • This comodity plays a dominant role as the main incomeand job opportunities, in particular for those wholive around salak processing industry.
  • Exports to Singapore and China 12 tons/week.


Investment Potential

Developing seeding area and salak pondoh processingindustry that produce export quality product.

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